Funding Announcement

7/28/17: All funds through the Drive Clean Truck program are currently committed. Fleets interested in applying for incentives can work with an approved vendor to be signed up on the waitlist until the next round of funding comes into place. Requests will be funded in the order they are received once funding becomes available. The waitlist currently stands at: $3,163,632

2/20/17: Drive Clean Station is currently accepting applications for DC Fast Charging projects. To access the RFA, click here.

Hear how incentives offered through Drive Clean Chicago are benefiting fleets that are deploying electric and hybrid trucks and buses. Samantha Bingham and Chris Wheat from the City of Chicago, along with fleet leaders, discuss how Drive Clean Chicago advances both business and environmental goals.

Drive Clean Chicago in the Media
Watch this video that highlights a great Drive Clean Chicago success story! Receiving $1.5 Million in voucher incentives, 10 fully electric Proterra buses now shuttle Chicagoans around the AON Center/Prudential Plaza. These new electric buses are clean and comfortable, enjoyable to use, and emit less air pollutants and greenhouse emissions. Congratulations on such a successful project!

Incentives for alternative fuel vehicles and public stations for Chicago fleet owners!

Drive Clean Chicago invites fleet owners, leased vehicle operators, manufacturers, vehicle technology vendors and station developers to explore the Drive Clean Chicago website to learn how to participate in this exciting incentive program.

Accepting Voucher Requests for Drive Clean Truck and Drive Clean Taxi Voucher Funds

Voucher requests for Drive Clean Taxi must be submitted by June 30, 2017.
Drive Clean Truck will continue to offer vouchers through 2018.

Drive Clean Truck offers up to 80% of Incremental Cost of a New Electric or Hybrid Vehicle 

Drive Clean Taxi offers up to $10,000 for the conversion or purchase of an Alternative Fuel Vehicle

Available Incentives

Drive Clean Truck Remaining Balance


Drive Clean Taxi Remaining Balance


Drive Clean Station Remaining Balance


Incentive Snapshot


  • Funds for Class 2 to 8 All-Electric and Hybrid Trucks and Buses
  • $0 available in incentives
  • $30,000 and up (80% of incremental cost)
  • Dealer applies on behalf of Vehicle Purchaser
  • Target Goal of
    250 Vehicles


  • Funds for Clean
    Fuel Taxis
  • $9,000 available in incentives
  • $10,000 per voucher or covers incremental cost
  • Dealer applies on behalf of Vehicle Purchaser
  • Target Goal of 127
    Clean Fuel Taxis


  • Funds for "Public" CNG Fueling and DC Fast Charging Stations
  • $825,000 available in incentives
  • Covers 30% of capital cost for station development
  • End-User will solicit competitive cost proposals
  • Target Goal of 4 CNG fueling and 17 DC Fast Charging stations