How To Participate - Drive Clean Taxi

Drive Clean Taxi Voucher Fund (formally the Green Taxi Voucher Program) invites Chicago’s taxi, livery and other public passenger vehicle operators regulated by Business Affairs and Consumer Protection to apply for up to $10,000 in incentives to transition into an alternative fuel vehicle. Applicants can apply the incentives toward an eligible Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle conversion or toward the incremental cost of a new CNG or battery electric vehicle (EV).

Choose from one of the Program’s important steps below.

1.   Program Rules & Guidance

Vehicle Manufacturers, Vendors and Vehicle Purchasers are encouraged to carefully review the Drive Clean Taxi Implementation Manual to learn how to participate in the Program.

2.   Vehicle Eligibility

Manufacturers of Light-Duty Passenger Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Have your new light-duty battery electric vehicle (EV) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle listed as an “Eligible Vehicle” through the Program.

Vehicle Purchasers – Determine whether you are eligible to receive up to $10,000 in incentives for an alternative fuel taxi. Carefully review the program requirements to ensure that you are qualified to participate.

Interested in an Alternative Fuel Taxi? Check out the latest Eligible Vehicle List for Drive Clean Taxi.

3.   Approved Vendors

Vendors and Dealers – Vendors and dealers that sell eligible vehicles and perform eligible conversions must become an “Approved Vendor” through the Program. Vendors are invited to submit a complete Vendor Application Packet to the Program Administrator to become an “Approved Vender.”

Vehicle Purchasers – Work with an “Approved Vendor” to submit a Voucher Request for an eligible vehicle. An “Approved Vendor List” is currently under development and will be made available soon.

4.   Apply for a Voucher

Vendors and Vehicle Purchasers – Apply for a Voucher and purchase or lease an eligible vehicle at a reduced price! Vehicle Purchasers must submit a Voucher Request through and “Approved Vendor” to receive an incentive for an eligible vehicle or conversion.